Vida Blue Clay by Buenaventura – $30 retail value

Buenaventura’s (Costa Rica) 100% natural blue rainforest clay has been used by indigenous cultures as a natural medicine, remedy, and cure for various bodily ailments. Vida Blue clay can be used topically for face masks & full body ski treatments and exfoliations, hair follicle restoration, orally for teeth whitening, or even as an internal detox of heavy metals and toxins. Just mix one tablespoon of clay with one tablespoon of water for a rejuvenating facial, or get crazy with a full body mask!

Overcoming Hardships

Sadly this part of Costa Rica was also victim to the destructive 2017 Hurricane season with Hurricane Nate. All of Buenaventura’s river-front village and many of the old-growth trees along the river bank were lost or severely damaged – including the sacred Grandmother Ceiba tree. The community has mobilized to rebuild, and do what they can to save their “Tree of Life”. To help them restore and regenerate, you can visit their gofundme page at