Pecan Truffle Oil


This signature pecan oil is infused with a proprietary blend of black winter truffle extract, resulting in a fresh, earthy flavor with rich, creamy and nutty notes complimentary to the naturally light, buttery flavor of pecan oil. Pecan Ridge is the first and only manufacturer of Pecan Truffle Oil — and they are definitely onto something. Your purchase comes with a handy card of recipe ideas and uses, and we promise you cannot go wrong.

The truffles are sniffed out by their family dog, who was trained as a military dog but does an awesome job of finding truffles under the pecan trees. The ones they find are used to make their own truffle oil, or sold to top chefs in the area.

Did you know Georgia is the #1 producer of pecans in the U.S.! But even though Pecan Ridge is 100 miles from the coast, they got hit HARD by Hurricane Michael in the fall of 2018. Pecan Ridge Plantation lost 600 acres of their pecan orchard, but were thankful for their personal safety. Since the trees will take 7-10 years to grow back, we hope you consider supporting them during this recovery period by purchasing all of the delicious oils they have to offer!

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