Grassfed Leather Coaster Set – Oxblood


This set of 4 oxblood leather coasters come straight from White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia. Classy and versatile, they are also made from 100% grassfed cattle and handmade in their leather workshop. White Oak Pastures operates on a ZERO waste production system, which means they use every part of the animal! That’s right, they honor each animal by letting nothing to to waste. After the meats and organs are sold, they use the viscera as compost on their farm (where they also practice regenerative agriculture), the fats are turned into tallow skincare and moisturizers, and the hides are sent to a tannery, so they can be crafted into beautiful handmade leather pieces like these.

Last fall, along with many communities in Southwest Georgia, they were blindsided by Hurricane Michael and awoke to loss of animal life, trees down, and damaged buildings and property. We are so thrilled to be featuring them in our collection and encourage you to give these coasters a try, or check out all of their other ethical, handmade products!

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