Amanda Upcycled Surfite Earrings


Excess resin from surfboard making is upcycled to make these unique, colorful earrings crafted in California and Bali, connecting you to the ocean and wave riding

Betty Belts designs are made in Bali and California by independent artisans who set their own prices and paces. Their philosophy embraces connection between humanity, the earth, and the ocean and strives to sustain a healthy world with everything they do.

Unfortunately, hurricanes weren’t the only disaster to hit U.S. communities in 2017, and Ventura County was ravaged by the Thomas Wildfire. More than 300 single family residences were lost in the City of Ventura alone. While her storefront didn’t burn, business took a hit with many avoiding the area. But Donna von Hoesslin, the owner, has been helping her community rebuild and recover. She prepared care packages for women and girls who lost everything in the fire, and then began shining a spotlight on individuals in need, ranging from her window washer, to a local surfer – to help one family at a time. To help Donna in their efforts to rebuild Ventura families, check out this very “laid back SoCal” benefit tee.

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