Burmese Soy Blend Candles by Prosperity Candles – $28 retail value

Prosperity Candles’ soy blend candle with wood wick are infused with 100% natural blend of food-grade linseed and fruit oils and hand poured into a recyclable glass container. May contain oils from nuts.

Overcoming Hardships

Prosperity Candle creates opportunity for women refugees and artisans in the U.S. through candle-making and beautifully crafted vessels, easily refilled or repurposed. Every unique candle is hand poured using high-quality waxes, natural cotton and wood wicks, and premium scents using essential oils. They support fair trade and ethically made goods, and embrace the idea of contributing to the common good in the power of optimism and shared prosperity. Together, this small company shares a vision for a world without poverty and a belief that equal opportunity for women and girls everywhere creates a brighter future for all.