Naseku Goods is a premium “discovery box”, connecting passionate, resilient businesses who have experienced true hardship with U.S. consumers interested in discovering new high-quality items, countries, and cultures.

We believe that by investing in local economies, we can help to spread goodness in the world, and create a global community. We partner with small businesses and artisans who have persevered through natural disasters, war, poverty, and political or economic instability.
Though media coverage often disappears after just a few weeks, the recovery of these communities can continue for months or even years. Naseku seeks to shine a light on those persevering in the face of adversity and open up a market for their high-quality goods. We ensure each of our companies provide dignified employment and are sustainable in their practices wherever possible.
While working in global health and disaster preparedness, Megan and Justin Snair, co-founders of Naseku Goods, learned firsthand how difficult it is for communities to recover from disasters and hardships. They realized that when donations and media attention dry up, just how important small businesses and jobs were to these communities. But nearly 40 percent of small businesses do not reopen following disasters, making it even harder for communities to rebuild. Through Naseku Goods, Megan and Justin aim to promote the ongoing recovery of these areas through targeted investments in the small businesses so vital to a vibrant community.

We get our name and inspiration from an orphaned elephant we adopted in 2016 following the birth of our son. Naseku fell down a man-made well in Kenya shortly after she was born and sadly her elephant family had to move on for fear of hunters. Once rescued by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust she began to thrive again and is on her way to reintroduction to the wild.

Her story of resilience inspires us and illustrates what can be accomplished with sustained support following hardship.
These important ideals are at the heart of our mission and what we put into every box we curate.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and compassion.